24/7 real-time tracking on your bike via an innovative mobile app aND notifications if someone tries to steal your bike. 

Unlike the standard 5% retrieval rate on bikes without iTrakit, the ability to provide realtime crime data to police forces will help you get your stolen bike back every time.


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Don't be another stolen bike statistic

6  -  The number of minutes a thief steals a bike. 

21%  -  The increase in UK bicycle crime since 2017. 

1.5%  -  The rare chance that a reported theft leads to a conviction. 

5%  -  The abysmal chance of retrieving your stolen bike. 

We all know that once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Product Features


Simply put the small device inside your bike frame under your seat and voila, 24/7 smart protection instantly engaged! 

Long Battery

Unlike other tracking devices that use GPS and need a battery charge every 3 days, itrakit is extremely energy efficient.  It can go up to 1 entire year without a charge! 


iTrakit was created using advanced engineering for security and safety.  The covert in-frame location hides it from thieves so if your bike is ever stolen it can be easily retrieved! 


iTrakit is extremely lightweight, less than 100 g (3.5 oz) so you won't even feel it on your rides.


All of the bells and whistles, minus the price tag.  iTrakit gives you high tech security without compromising cost or energy.


Unlike the standard 5% retrieval rate on bikes without iTrakit, our police partners can easily track down and retrieve your stolen bike.  

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Shop With Confidence

iTrakit is comitted to quality service to our valued customers. To back up our confidence, we happily invite you to a 1 year warranty on any purchase!


Does iTrakit work outside cities in the UK?
Yes, iTrakit uses GPS tracking that's available in most major cities in North America, as well as the UK. A full list of cities will be available when we launch.
Can I use iTrakit in rural areas?
iTrakit is only optimized to work in urban areas at this time. It's a great tool for urban cycling, commuting, and peace of mind when you're away from home. Future technology upgrades will make your iTrakit suitable for use in rural areas, as well.
What makes iTrakit different from other bike trackers?
Most trackers are either in the handlebars, topcoats or seat posts, which can all be easily detected and removed by prospective thieves. iTrakit fits neatly inside your bike frame so it's invisible to potential theives. The 1-year battery life last far longer than any other bike tracker on the market.
Does it work inside any bike frame?
Yes, iTrakit is designed to be retrofitted to any bike frame with a minimum frame size of 26.6mm and upwards.
Is the GPS data accurate?
Yes, the GPS data is extremely accurate in urban settings. In fact, our founders waited until the technology was good enough to launch the product.
How easy is it to set up/install?
You can easily install your iTrakit yourself by removing the seat and sliding it into the frame. It's easy to remove with the included tool. The product comes with step-by-step instructions but if you need an expert's help you can always stop by a local bike shop or partner Condor store for professional installation.
How long does the battery last?
The battery is energy-efficient and long-lasting. It's guaranteed for up to 1 year. (Assuming your bike doesn't get stolen more than once in that amount of time.) Your app will always tell you when it's time to replace your battery.
Do I need to pay for a monthly plan?
Monthly data charges are included in our launch products for 1 year. After that, the monthly charge will cost about the same as a cup of coffee each month.